AMA Mission Statement: The Association of Miniature Artists (AMA) was founded to encourage the study of the historical precedents of traditional miniature art, preserve the unique techniques of rendering miniatures, foster a consensus of definition and to enable a spirit of cooperation among members in support of each other and the formal societies dedicated to the advancement of this endearing art form.

Goals and insights of the AMA from the perspective of Wes Siegrist: 

1. Foster a consensus of definition for “miniature” today in the context of shows, societies and individual artist’s exhibitions to help distinguish such work from competing art forms.  The AMA acknowledges the broader and more varied definitions of “miniature” but our members CHOOSE to use only one (our statements). 

2. Enable a spirit of cooperation among miniaturists that involves potential compromise on a voluntary basis. The AMA does not exist to restrict artistic expression.  We request the restriction of the use of the term “miniature” by our members in today’s context. 

3. The pursuit of education on the individual and public level regarding the history of both the miniature art form and the societies and organizations of our recent history.  Members are encouraged to read books about miniatures and visit collections of miniature art in museums. 

4. The AMA encourages members to work within the bounds of current societies rather than attempt to change their individual rules and guidelines.  Our members believe that miniature art as fine art in small scale, both past and present, is unique and distinct within the art world.  

5. The ultimate goal of the AMA is to develop an international standard for miniature art today. 

Updated February 1, 2008