AMA Membership: Please note that the AMA is not a formal organization. It is an association of like-minded individuals and groups that have agreed to a standard definition for the term miniature in describing a particular type of artwork specifically in today’s context. The listing of adherents is no longer being updated to save volunteer man hours. If you agree with the statements below then consider yourself a “member” and feel free to use the logo and share the guidelines.

AMA Guidelines: While the AMA recognizes and encourages individuality, experimentation and future changes in the miniature art movement the AMA exists to provide a common ground among members especially in the context of defining their work to the public. As a member of the AMA you choose to agree with the following statements:

1. Given the historical foundation of traditional miniature art, I will strive to understand it better for the promotion, preservation and advancement of the art form.

2. Given the perplex multiple definitions of the term Miniature today, I choose to adhere to the following tenets to describe and distinguish traditional miniature work and when possible, will adhere to them in creating, displaying, and marketing artwork as a ‘miniature’:

•Minute in scale vs. life sized. For practicality following the general 1/6th scale for my work sent to formal miniature exhibitions and shows.

•Delicate and painstaking technique that withstands magnification.

•Small in format and size: 25 inches or less for surface area. Sculpture should fit inside an 8″x8″x8″ cube including the base.

•High in quality. The work should exemplify Fine Art ~ demonstrating a mastery of composition, color, values etc.

3. Given my concern for the future of the miniature art form I will do my best to educate artists and the public about the historical and current miniature art movement, contribute work to the exhibitions and volunteer when possible with the existing societies, shows and online forums as interaction with fellow artists is key to better understanding and continued advancement of the genre. My membership in the AMA will continue as long as I work in the miniature art genre and adhere with the statements and tenets.

Optional recommendations: Members are highly encouraged to post these three statements online and/or display their AMA status to help promote consensus about traditional miniatures and to facilitate a common definition. – Members are free to work outside the statements and tenets but should distinguish this work as non-typical-miniature when possible when attempting to define miniature work.– Members are encouraged to copy the logo for use on your website and promotional materials to help spread the word about the group.– Members are encouraged to copy the statements to distribute to fellow artists and enclose alongside with artwork when submitting to shows.